Our studio delivers morning, daytime, and evening Pilates to individuals and Groups. Group sessions are either small groups of up to 6 on the Pilates apparatus, up to 4 for Reformer Pilates Classes or larger groups of up to 10 clients for Mat Pilates. We offer Private Pilates Sessions and Corporate Pilates Training sessions.

Prior to commencing Pilates, all clients need to attend a one on one private 60 minute session that allows us to discuss their general health and fitness, previous injuries and surgeries. We then physical walk you through a series of simple exercises that allow us to see how you are currently moving and where your strengths and weakness are. This session includes specific discussions around why you have chosen to try Pilates and what has enticed you to make an enquiry or walk in the studio front door. The answers to these questions and the information we gather from the health and fitness history and your current abilities, allow us to derive specific goals for each individual. From there we guide you into an appropriate class, or individual sessions, ensuring you are safe and challenged at your own level and able to start to achieve your individual goals.

Mat and Apparatus Pilates provide similar benefits; both build core strength, tone your body, increase your flexibility and balance, include weight bearing exercises, strengthen your pelvic floor, improve breathing, circulation and provide some mindfulness.

Both styles can be great for beginners right through to advanced. Sometimes people find the apparatus a little intimidating, and understandable so with its poles, moving carriages, springs, ropes, hooks, bars and handles but each piece has exercises designed for all abilities and within a few sessions clients love the apparatus.

Our instructors are internationally accredited, Polestar Pilates trained and deliver both Pilates mat classes, apparatus session and private session, to the Barossa Valley and broader community. We are a privately owned, independent business/Pilates Studio.

Kate, Owner of Pilates Barossa, explains what a Pilates Induction is.

Kate, you’ve honestly changed my life.  What an amazing human you are. I’m grateful for your energy, time, wisdom, consideration, intuition, skill and generosity.  I truly thought I’d never walk properly again. I thought my spine was on a slow degradation to scoliosis. Thank you so much.

Just a big thank you Kate, for being such an integral part of me feeling as good as I have in years


Couldn’t imagine life without Pilates!