Pilates classes for Farmers – Now Revamped: Core Strength – Pilates for Rural Living

Several years ago, I decided to attempt to give back to my local community but making a conscious effort to work with farmers – people like my own Dad. Now in his early 80’s I have seen him and many rural men (and women) work physically hard over many years, exposed to the elements, working through the wind, rain, cold, heat, dust and throughout hard conditions. Often using their bodies to lift things that are too heavy, move things that should be moved with machinery or at least with the help of others, crawl into confined spaces to fix something that needs fixing now, and the list goes on. With the help of one of my clients, we received an invitation to attend one of the Angaston Agricultural Bureau meetings, to explain what Pilates is and how it may help them. We delivered some gentle examples of movement to the group and from this invitation and meeting, we began a relationship with BIGG (Barossa Improved Graziers Group). We have been thrilled to deliver a regular Pilates class for Farmers as a result.

We had some coverage in the media with the local paper (The Leader) and most recently The Stock Journal.

Classes recommence Monday the 15th of July @5pm, click here to book in or email us: info@pilatesbarossa.com.au

Why Pilates for Farmers?

Farmers and people working outside have some different health concerns to those who work in a more sedentary occupation. Pilates for Farmers sessions are as as much about social connectivity with likeminded people as it is about delivering a Pilate class.

The goals for this class can be varied, but include:

  • improving general health and fitness,
  • getting in and out of the ute without their hip hurting
  • being able to stand and prune vines
  • sit in tractors for hours on end
  • or even just lift up the little humans in their life (grandkids and fur-babies included)

At Pilates Barossa, we modify exercises to suit individual needs, therefore each new attendee will need to have a one-on-one Pilates Induction Session before joining the class. This induction sessions allow us to understand more about you and your goals.

To get started, contact us on 0428 574 474 or email info@pilatesbarossa.com.au

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