Initial One-on-One Session Required

Prior to commencing classes all new clients need to attend a private one-on-one session.

Please refer to our bookings page to book your initial one-on-one induction session. You will need to create a new account to book – see the link at the bottom of the booking request form.

Class Types:

Pilates can be delivered in different formats: Mat Pilates and Pilates on apparatus.

Mat Pilates classes are a sequence of exercises delivered on a mat on the floor. Classes go for an hour in length.

Pilates on Apparatus is a sequence of exercises that can be delivered on various pieces of Pilates apparatus; Reformer, Trapeze Table, Ladder Barrel and Combo Chair.

Within the studio we offer; Mat classes, Virtual Mat classes, Stretch classes, Studio (apparatus) classes, private one on one’s and private two on ones.

Studio Class is:

An individual classes session, tailored for your bodies needs and ability, whilst being in a small group environment.

  • max 6 people
  • individually designed sessions based on the clients needs
  • classes include an extensive range of progressions and regressions base on the clients needs and ability
  • conducted entirely on apparatus including reformer, trapeze table, combo chair, ladder barrel, spine corrector, Ped-a-Pull and incline table

Reformer Class is:

A reformer class is;

  • Max 4 people
  • Group class design ie; all attendees doing the same exercise (small modifications maybe made)
  • Small props may be used; chi balls, magic circles, hand weights etc
  • Reformer class participants must be injury free

Private Session is:

An individual ‘one-on-one’ session, tailored for your bodies needs and ability.

  • Individual private session
  • Completely tailor to the individual

Mat Class is:

A class delivered within the studio that uses a series of movements including lying down, seated and standing.

  • max 10 people
  • conducted entirely on a mat on the floor
  • a choreographed class, that flows
  • uses your own body weight as resistance
  • small props may be used; fit balls, foam rollers, magic circles chi balls etc

Virtual Mat Class is:

We offer a selection of our Mat classes via Zoom

  • can’t get into the studio? These classes are perfect for you. Feel like you are part of the class from the comfort of your own home.
  • also perfect for when you are travelling
  • we also have a collection of complementary pre-recorded mat sessions for our clients to utilise

Stretch Class is:

Pilates Stretch is the perfect class for anyone!

  • whether you are looking to boost your sports performance, improve your flexibility and posture, or simply de-stress and enjoy some therapeutic downtime
  • stretch classes involve familiar mat exercises but with more focus on the flexibility component than strength and balance

Small props are also available for purchase.

We selling the following;

  • Grippy Pilates Socks
  • Therabands
  • Foam Rollers
  • Chi Balls
  • Fit Balls
  • Pilates Mats
  • Pilates towels
  • Spikey Balls
  • Franklin Balls
  • Other props available upon request.

Want more info…. my article below may clarify some FAQ – or drop me a line:

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