Virtual Pilates

Pilates Barossa offers a library of pre recorded 60 minute virtual Pilates class. This class is instructed by Kate and is offered at a level where self modifications can be made to regress or progress the exercises.

Things to remember when doing virtual Pilates:

  • Be careful in the space you are in – for example, make sure there is nothing around you that you may hurt yourself on.
  • Listen to your body, this may change day to day and week to week.
  • Only do what’s right for your body, if you know an exercise is not right for you, or doesn’t feel right on the day, just leave it out or modify.
  • Listen to the cues and enjoy – your body will thank you for it.

Where do I find the virtual Classes?

  1. Our virtual class library can be found via our you tube channel.
  2. Our will find a collection of classes to choose from including a new series we are building for post natal Pilates clients.
  3. Questions? Just drop me an email.

What do I need at home to do a virtual class?

  • A safe clear space on the floor to do the exercises.
  • Preferably a mat, but a soft large towel would suffice.
  • Props are sometimes used in the classes, but classes can be done without the props.
  • Questions? Just drop me an email.

Some samples of these classes can be found here;

General Virtual Mat Class (no props)

Chi Ball Virtual Mat Class

Thereband Virtual Mat Class

Foam Roller Virtual Mat Class

Short sessions:

In addition to the above, I also have some short gentle short sessions available on my youtube channel. Again the links below will allow you to access these sessions.


Short gentle session (no Props)

Short gentle theraband session

Short gentle fit ball session